I just narrowly escaped with my life.

Minutes ago, I stepped out of the shower. I’m going for brunch tomorrow morning and since we’re leaving damn early, I decided to shower before I go to bed.

Anyways, as I was putting my clothes on (I do that in my room and not in my bathroom), I grabbed my PJ bottoms. When I did that, I noticed some flash of movement on my PJ tops which were on my bed.

Upon closer inspection, I saw a spider the size of at least a small dessert plate on my PJ tops.

I knew instantly that before the night was going to be over, either it or myself would be dead… and I had brunch to go to the next morning.

Armed with a wad of toilet paper, we fought for what seemed like a second of time. Though the struggle was long and valiant, I emerged victorious.

What if the thing had layed eggs on my bed though. Ewww…

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