If I can just stop one person from patronizing the dry cleaners at the UBC Village, then this post will have accomplished its goal.

Last Wednesday, I stopped off at the dry cleaning place at the Village. Stupidly, I didn’t read the prices but I’ve been to many dry cleaning establishments and they all charge just about the same. Anyways, I dropped off two sweaters, nothing fancy mind you, one was a wool one and the other was cotton.

Today, I go and pick up my clothing. Total cost? $16.85!!! For two sweaters! I’m used to paying $5-6 per sweater, taxed included!

I know that any establishment is free to charge whatever they want, but $8.50 for a sweater is stupid. Just in case I was wrong, I phoned up a few dry cleaning places around town and I was quoted around $5 each time. They’re probably trying to profit off the fact they’re the only dry cleaners on campus.

Don’t go to the Village dry cleaners if you don’t have to!!!

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