Wow, 3pm nearly and I haven’t done any studying yet today. Not good. Oh well, time to post.

I was sitting at dinner last night minding my own business when the people around me were discussing intellect. One person said it was possible to gauge someone’s intelligence by listening to them speak. My good friend Laura (ha!) took the other side of the argument when she said, “No, that’s not true. Look at Erwin here, he’s socially retarded, and he’s still quite smart.”

Ouch. I was stunned. Much laughter was produced. As I gulped down my beef barley soup, I knew time was short for a witty comeback. I had nothing though, but then I thought of that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer says the best comeback is that you slept with the guy’s wife. That didn’t really apply here, so I think I said something about my Mom still loving me.

Anyways, damn I need to get studying.

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