I’m having a difficult time getting motivated for my two remaining exams. I wrote my first one on Monday and since then I’ve been acting like I’m done. Understandably, I took Monday off. Today, I was just plain lazy.

As I left my exam, I was thinking, wow, my next exam is next Wednesday. If I started studying now, I’d have plenty of time to kick some serious ass. So of course, today I didn’t even crack open a book. I cleaned my room, did laundry, played video games, and went to the Village.

I better get started tomorrow, or else I’ll be a bit behind schedule.

Hey, this is totally off-topic, but what the hell is up with Syria right now? They’re not even a bonafide member of the Axis of EvilĀ®. If the US attacks Syria, then Iran can’t be far behind. They should print up some t-shirts for the soldiers of all the places where they helped topple regimes. I wonder how many places will be on that t-shirt.

Ok, time to work on some job applications!

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