I have a killer exam on Saturday. Yes, Saturday… as in the day after the first game against the Wild. The timing is perfect.

In the meantime, I’ve again developed some serious motivation problems. I wrote an exam this morning and planned on taking the morning and a little bit of the afternoon off. Yeah, try like the entire whole day! I now have basically two whole days to study for my hardest exam.

Old Erwin wouldn’t have let this happen. Old Erwin woulda holed up in his room and focussed like sonuvabitch for days in advance. Old Erwin then would have been prepared like no other student in that class and be the “King of All Geeks”.

Of course, we’re dealing with New Erwin now, who’s a lot less stressed, strangely still wants a good mark but doesn’t put in all the crazy hours anymore, and is easily distracted by TV, video games, women he has no chance with, the Internet, and shiny objects.

You know, just writing this has made me motivated (for now). I’m gonna end this post here and get going! Old Erwin in the house!

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