Having three midterms in one week can really make your life suck. Technically, it’s Saturday now, but it’s still today for me, and today I wrote my last midterm. It didn’t go so well. I studied all week for it too, which meant that time all went to waste.

So, what went wrong? Well, for one, it was as long as hell. I was writing right up to the last second. Afterwards, one of my classmates was asking me how did one question. He was explaining how he did this and then he did that. It dawned on me I had no clue what he was talking about. Why? Then I figured it out… oh yeah, that was the question I skipped and was planning to get back to but never did. Eleven percent of the exam was right there. Gone. The prof can’t even give me part marks because well… you can’t give part marks for a blank answer. That much I know.

Second, the exam was difficult and I got flustered in parts which doesn’t add up to a good result. So, on the questions I did answer, I was going on sheer panic responses rather than calm reasoning. I fault myself for that because I’ve been around the block once already and I should know better.

Afterwards, I came back home and borrowed an iron from Nic and Marcia. We had a nice chat about my midterm. They let me swear up a fucking storm in their place. I felt a bit better afterwards.

I was genuinely angry afterwards because I’d set aside a major project in another class to study for this midterm. Now this project is due next Friday and I’ll be spending everyday from now on trying to get it done. So while this is technically the weekend, I won’t be able to relax a bit until next Saturday.

While several people tried to tell me it was going to be ok, I didn’t really feel much better until I was on the bus tonight. I was sitting there in my seat when a former classmate from first term got on… good old Reid Holmes. I asked him what he got in discrete math. Fifty-seven percent was his reply.

That made me feel better. In my opinion, Reid is no dummy and if he got 57%, well then maybe there’s a slight chance in hell I’ll be alright too.

So, why was I on the bus? Several SJC residents were going out to Granville Island for dinner on the occasion of three birthdays. I figured it would be a great way to forget my midterm troubles.

Some people headed off to Theatresports afterwards, but I followed some others back home. I came back at 10pm and I briefly debated whether or not I should do some work tonight. Well, it’s almost 3am now and I’ve done nothing all night.

So, if anyone was wondering where I went, now you know.

Holy crap, I’m watching Jimmy Kimmel right now, and some guy is letting people throw darts into his ass!

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