HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO erwintang.com!!!

Today marks the third anniversary of the registration of this domain! Everyone here at erwintang.com is grateful we made it this far and we all hope the coming years will be even better.

There were times where we weren’t sure what we were doing or where the site was headed, but we’re happy where we are now. Part of the credit goes to you, the tens of readers out there. The fact that we all know people are visiting and expecting something reasonable to read motivates us everyday. That’s true from Jimmy in Accounts Receivable, to Lauren in Advertising, and all the way to me.

So, if you’re a regular visitor or visiting for the first time, thanks again for stopping by and I hope you’ll be coming back.

If you’ve ever wondered what possessed me to start erwintang.com, I’ll tell the story now. In March of 2000, I was sitting at home, unemployed. I was receiving UI, so I wasn’t really motivated to find a job. Plus, I had just gotten my ADSL line, so I was doing a lot of Internet time.

In between surfing for porn mating habits of field mice, I was stumbled across some story about a promotion about free domain registration. Apparently, some company was going to give away free domain registrations for an entire hour on-line. The promotion was to start at 5pm that day. I think I read that around 2pm or so.

So, around 4:55pm, I started hitting up on that company’s web site. Nothing. The site was being hammered with traffic. I tried attempt after attempt. Around 5:15pm or so, I got in, but I got only as far as one of the very first registration screens. I think I actually made reverse progress a few times as I re-loaded. It was maddening. I think around 5:45pm I actually got as far as the screen where you enter in the domain you want. It was then I realized that I didn’t even know what I wanted. I did some quick thinking and came up with the obvious. I spent another 15 minutes trying to complete the registration but I didn’t even get to a confirmation screen. 6pm rolled around and the hour was over. I was pretty sure I didn’t get my request in on time.

Over the next few days, I forgot about it when one day, I checked my e-mail. In my inbox was a message from the registration company. I had successfully registered erwintang.com and that all the details for the registration would follow shortly.

The story goes on from there… but I think I’ll leave that for later on Monday.

Anyways, if I were rich, I’d be having a big party for our third birthday, but all I can offer everyone is a big thank you once again for visiting.


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