Today, or I guess I should say yesterday, the last legal impediment to the TA strike was removed. At 6:30am on Thursday morning, the TAs will begin their strike. Why so damn early? Well, two other unions wanted the strike to start before their employees got to work so they wouldn’t have to pull them off the jobs. Good to know those people are getting the day off.

The TAs here at SJC are scheduled to meet at 6am, at which point they will make their way to strike headquarters, which is the Lutheran Center. That’s located by the old General Admin building. I’d love to show my support, but hey, I’m not a 6am type of guy.

Mediation is scheduled for 9:30am, so there will be at least 3 hours of strike time. I’m sleeping in tomorrow, so theoretically, this could be all over by the time I wake up, but I doubt it.

Lucky me, I have to run an errand off campus tomorrow, which necessitates me taking the bus. The buses though, will in all likelyhood, not be running all the way into the campus. That means I’m looking at a 30 min. hike just to get to the buses now!

I don’t expect it to be as crazy as APEC, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting tomorrow.

In completely other news, joining in the ranks of,, and, Ryan Allan (or RALLAN for those in the know) has registered… Yeah, he broke away from the first name, last convention, but hey, flyingbox is what he’s most famous for.

RALLAN assures us that great things are on the horizon for Flying Box Studios and that the corporate web site will be the definitive source for all things Flying Box, including the much heralded FBS press releases.

Good job Ryan!

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