So, I’m sitting in one of my com sci labs today. It for an undergrad CS course. I’m taking a few of those out of personal interest. Anyways, that’s not the point.

So there I am in front of my machine and I notice someone else has logged in on the machine next to me, but is gone for the moment. I start the lab and a few minutes later, the person next to me comes back.

It turns out she’s one of the hot girls in the class. Yeah, you read that right… one of… anyways, she doesn’t go to all the lectures, and she always has her labs done before the lab session. I mention her hotness not to be sexist or to objectify women, but this is an observation that needs to made. This girl is extremely pretty and either she works out a lot or is blessed with some great genes. She also wears her clothes in a way that you could easily see this. She’s just not pretty for a girl in computer science… she’s a pretty girl compared to any girl, in any department.

Imagine that, a genuine hot chick in computer science. I thought that day would never arrive, but here we are. And we’re only three years (or is it two?) into the new millenium. You’re probably saying, “Big deal Erwin.” Oh yeah, it’s a big deal alright. I’ve done all my academics in engineering and science, and I can tell you there’s a severe under-representation of females in this area. I could count on one hand how many girls were in my undergrad class in mechanical.

To be seeing babes taking computer science, that’s saying something about how far we’ve come as a civilzation.

Now lest you think this girl is an idiot, she actually helped me with my lab. Part of my code didn’t work and a small suggestion from her fixed everything.

Then, this weird thing happened. She called the TA over to check over her work. He did and then she started asking some advanced questions about something else. They talked for a while at her terminal, but then they went up to the board to write out some code. They kinda disagreed on a point and started to get into a bit. I swear I felt some sexual tension emanating from them.

Later on, she asked another question, and he came over again. He playfully mocked her a bit about an e-mail application, and again I thought I felt something there between them. I’m going to have to keep an eye on this… very interesting.

So, she not the only hot girl in the class. There’s this blonde girl too. She has a beautiful face and a trim figure. Sometimes she goes to my tutorial.

The younger students these days have it so easy. In my day, we would sit in class and pass along rumours of the existence hot females outside of class.

Well, due to the fact my blood sugar is low and I had five hours of sleep last night, this has rambled on too long.

Until next time!

P.S. No, I am not going to start mackin’ on these fine ladies. I doubt I’d have any chance with these women who are probably eight years younger than I am.

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