Friday was the end of term and I was too busy even to notice it. In the morning I had a 30 minute presentation to give. Two days and two presentations.

When I got to the classroom to ready my slides, there was hardly anyone in class… even five minutes before class was supposed to start. Half the class wasn’t even there. At the start of class, I asked the prof if I should proceed, but she told me to wait another five minutes. We wait and no one else showed up.

The presentation itself went really well from my point of view. All my words flowed smoothly and I didn’t stumble at all during any portion of my talk. I think everyone liked my slides and it appeared my audience was quite engaged. The whole thing was a lot of fun really. I’m not sure why people are so scared of talking in front of groups.

Anyways, when I was finished and I sat back in my seat, a classmate of mine turned to me and said, “That was good, you’re a really good speaker”. I was flattered.

The day didn’t end there though. My group members and I grabbed another subject for our experiment when we bribed him with a chocolate bar. We all went down to the lab, did the experiment and taped the whole thing. For the project presentation (on Monday), we have to show a video of users working with our system.

Next, we had to edit the videotape we already had. We were using Adobe Premiere, which none of us had experience with. I had to leave for class, but I came back at 4pm to help Tim with the editing. He had to leave for class too, but he showed me the robes. For three hours, I learned how to edit digital video. It was a lot of fun. I got to cut clips, make transitions (star wipes!), make titles, and put in music. If I had the money, I’d get a digital video camera and make my own movies (non-porn of course).

I wish I could put our video in Quicktime so everyone could see it.

By the time I left for dinner, I realized this was the last day of class for the term.

Wow, three months have passed since school started. While it flew by, I have learned a lot, which I’m quite happy about. I also know a lot more people now as well. For that, I’m extremely thankful.

Now, I have to go study again… lol.

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