For the last two consecutive days, someone has been calling me at around 8am. Obviously, this person does not know me well, because I’m not an 8am type of guy. I’m too tired to get up and answer it, so I let the voicemail take it.

I haven’t given out my number to that many people, and those who do have it, know very well not to call that early.

What bugs me is that this person hasn’t left a message. Stupid Restel doesn’t have *69 working here, so I can’t find out who it is.

What is the identity of this dark caller? Why would this person be calling?

Tonight, I will be taking measures to prevent this person from waking me up a third time. I will be escorting my phone back to Naboo, it’ll be safer there. No, seriously, I’ll just be turning off the ringer.

Before I end this post, I’d like to say hello to the random surfers who have been visiting from the state of Georgia and also from the University of Kentucky. Thanks for stopping by!

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