I woke up at 12:30pm today and that was a bad thing. The first thing I did was to check my e-mail. One of the new messages was from my supervisor, Dr. Elizabeth Croft. She was reminding everyone in the research group to meet at 11:45am for the Christmas lunch… the lunch that had been planned for weeks.

My heart sank, I knew I forgot something! Since Monday, I’ve told myself I’m done all my responsibilities. Strangely, at the time, I didn’t get a wholehearted “yes” from myself. It was as if some part of me knew I had forgotten something. I had cast aside that sliver of doubt. Stupid me. I’m already not so close with my research group, now they probably think I’m an even bigger bastard.

Undeterred, I decided to continue with my original plans. I went downtown and caught a matinee showing of the latest Bond flick at Capitol 6. I can tell you, with the exception of Tinseltown, downtown Vancouver has the crappiest theatres in the Lower Mainland. The suburbs and their expansive Silvercity complexes are the place to go watch movies. Anyways, I was disappointed with the newest James Bond outing. It was boring at times. Halle Berry was alright, but the whole film lacked punch.

Afterwards, I went and did some shopping, for myself and for others. Again, I went on a crusade for a new pair of shoes. I looked and I looked, but nothing quite came close to my old pair of Roots oxfords. I’m not sure how I’ll resolve this.

Now, I’m home, a bit tired and glad to be dry. Some interesting stuff happened in the news today.

Poor, poor Moby. Weeks after Eninem threatened to punch him on live national television, Moby was actually attacked and maced outside a club yesterday. The motivation for the attack is unknown apparently. It sort of reminds me of an incident years ago in New York with Dan Rather. He was walking along in the street, when some stranger came up to him and said, “What’s the frequency Kenneth?“. He then proceeded to pummel Rather. Weird.

Moby is a well-known pacifist. I think that’s the root of his problem. If you’re going tell people you don’t like fighting, someone’s going to take a free swing at you, knowing you won’t fight back. Those glasses don’t help either.

In sports news, I read that Ted Nolan interviewed for the vacant head coaching position with the Calgary Flames. It’s about damn time in my mind. Nolan, in his rookie season as an NHL coach, led the Buffalo Sabres to a winning season. Nolan himself won the Jack Adams Trophy for the Coach of the Year. His reward for this? He was unceremoniously fired during the summer after his breakthrough season. He hasn’t coach at the NHL level since. I certainly hope it has nothing to do with the fact he has Native Indian roots.

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