I went Boxing Day shopping today. Unlike the throngs of pain-seekers, however, I did not start shopping until 5pm. You have to be either an idiot or possess amazing amounts of tolerance to go any earlier.

In the span of two hours, I managed to visit Lougheed Town Centre, Future Shop, Linen ‘N Things, and Ikea. Parking was plentiful and the crowds were sparse.

Because of the considerable fiscal restraint I am exercising this year, I did not buy much. My purchases came out to exactly two candles from Ikea. That’s not to say I wanted to buy more. There was lots I wanted to get, but when you’re poor, reality sets in quite quickly.

What I don’t get is the mindset of people who want to battle the immense crowds during the morning and afternoon. It’s hot, stiffling, hectic, and I bet, when people get home, they’ll look at their purchases and wonder, “Was it really worth four hours of hell to get two shirts for $19.99?”

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