I got four hours of sleep last night. I just couldn’t fall asleep until 4am. It was staying up all weekend that did me in. The timing was perfect of course, since I had to be up at 8am. Tuesdays are my busiest days.

I had a few morning meetings to go to. I got back home at 10:30am. I managed to nap for about 20 min. before I had to go to class. My class ended around 1pm and my last one didn’t start until 3:30pm. Plenty of time for a long nap, right? Well, not really… today was the day Episode II : Attack of the Clones came out on DVD. So I hopped on a bus and rode it all the way to the Future Shop on Broadway. I was back on campus by 2pm.

I watched about 30 min. of the movie, before I crawled into bed for a 40 min. nap. Afterwards, I had to get up for my last class. Man, what a doozy that class was. I swear no one, not a single person in that class knew what the hell was going on from the second the prof started talking. Considering I know there are a few Ph.D candidates in my class, that’s not a good sign.

An hour and half later, the class ended, leaving us all wondering what the hell that was all about. Our prof then informed us that next week’s exam was going to be two questions (two?), open-book, and an hour and a half long. Great, open-book, which means he’s gonna roll us next week. Open-book exams in my mind are always harder than closed-book because the prof needs to make up the fact that all the info is accessible. Remember, most of us in the class don’t have a clue what’s going on even with our notes. How’s this gonna help us next week? I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m gonna cry like baby after the exam is over.

Well, with those pleasants thoughts in mind, I came back home, and washed a pile of dishes I had in my sink. It was around 5:30pm when I done, still too early for dinner, so I took another nap (number three for the day). Forty-five minutes later I woke up to go dinner. Dinner sucked, which was too bad since I hadn’t had a lot to eat all day.

I spent most of the evening watching the rest of Clones and doing housework. I didn’t start studying until 12am, but here I am writing… lol.

I should really go to bed, but I feel like that would be a cop out. So, off I go to study…

Wow, I just read what I wrote here… man, remind me never to post when I’m exhausted. 🙂

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