On the weekend, I was made aware of the Queen’s visit to UBC. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to see her.

She was scheduled to visit the campus during the only class I had on Monday, right at 3pm. So, 3pm Monday rollls around. As I walk to class, I notice, the ceremony is literally right next to the building where my class is. I’m thinking it would be a shame to be this close to the Queen and have to miss it because of some stupid lecture that I’ll forget tonight.

I get to class and I sit down with my 310 buddies. Jonathan and Curtis seem lukewarm about seeing the Queen. Chris goes, “Any reason to skip class is a good reason”. The class starts and George, our professor, says, “Let’s leave early to see the Queen”. A good sign.

Half an hour goes by. People are leaving now to rush outside. I see cops outside the window. There are motorcycle cops which probably means a motorcade. Chris and I get antsy. “We’re missing everything!” I say. One girl rushes back into the classroom. Even though I’m at the top row of a huge lecture room, I see her mouth to her friend, “Oh my God I saw the Queen!”.

Chris has had enough. He packs up and leaves, with me closely behind. Outside, it’s a zoo. People are everywhere. Cops are too. One barks at us to get off the road. We do.

We approach this fenced area which I later found out was where Her Majesty had gotten out of her car. Had we been there 15 minutes earlier, we would have been just a couple feet away from her. Now, I’m not sure if she’s still there. Chris is taller than me, and he spots the podium in front of Koerner Library. “Dude, there she is” he says.

I crane my neck to get a better view. And there she is, distant though distinguishable, the Queen of England is in my sight. There are speeches by Dr. Martha Piper (the president of UBC) and our illustrious Premier, Gordon Campbell. Don’t tell anyone, but I think people dislike that guy.

Then the Queen gets up to unveil some plaque or something. Soon after she gets up and I can’t see her anymore. And that was it.

Curtis and Jonathan join us later, but she’s gone by now.

I can now say I’ve seen the Queen of England with my own eyes. Now if I can only say I have all my reading done.

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