I’ve been wanting to do some really exciting things (well, at least to me) with my site lately, but the demands of school have been preventing that. I still think I go about work in the most inefficient manner, so I need to improve on that.

One thing that has occupied my time lately is a proposal I’m writing for a project in my fuzzy logic control course. Fuzzy logic can be used to implement a control system with artificial intelligence (AI). That AI term is used in the wrong context usually, hell, I think I used it incorrectly in my last sentence. Anyways, for my project, I’m proposing to control the behaviour of a video game hockey player using fuzzy logic. I’ve totally simplified it. First, I’m only controlling the defenseman. Second, I’m restricting my control output to the position of the defenseman. Third, I’m constraining the freedom of the defenseman to a single degree (lengthwise along the ice). I know it sounds totally hokey (or is it hockey?) but I think I’ve narrowed the scope of the project for it to be feasible, yet be non-trivial. The interesting part will be implementing the rule base for my control system. I’ll have to come up with crazy rules like, “IF puck is held by opposition AND puck is moving towards own goal THEN move back into defensive zone”. I think I may have to come up with at least 30 rules based on the parameters I have.

I’m also studying for a midterm I have on Monday. I’m kinda nervous about it, not so much for the material, but for the fact it will be my first midterm exam in over five years. Damn, I thought I was done with those things, but here we are. By my fifth year, I was a pro at writing those things. They were so damn easy. I had all the (legal) techniques down for getting a good grade on an exam. I think the last time a midterm kicked my ass was in third year. Fast forward to now… I wonder if I still have it in me. I wonder if this is how Lemieux felt right before he stepped on the ice to end his retirement. Of course, I’m not making the comparison that I’m the Mario Lemieux of exam taking… that guy would be Chris Dumaresq!!! Ha ha ha!

So in closing, I’d like to say I have some neat things in store for my site, I just need some time to fit them all in. Stay tuned!

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