I’m about 15 hours from my first midterm in over five years. I have studied for the last six days for this. I should be ready, but the vibe I’m getting doesn’t feel right.

Some exams are easy. You know they’ll ask you for the definition of this or draw a diagram of that. Or, they’ll ask you questions which are very similar to those in the assignments.

This exam won’t be like that. The prof warned us there will not be any memorization required. Sure they’ll be a few diagrams needed, but these will be specific to the question asked, so you just can’t memorize something. As for assignments, they’ve been structured so that they are only somewhat applicable to the exam.

So where does this leave me? With a whole lot of potential for danger. This exam doesn’t follow the expected, straightforward nature that some profs use.

I could come back tomorrow and be extremely pleased with my performance, yet I could also come back cursing a forgotten concept that will cost me dearly. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that I’ll be glad to get this one underneath my belt, regardless of the outcome. Plus, I can go to Safeway after the exam and get some food.

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