Yeah, I know I swore, but it was a long day. It started at 8am and that’s early for me. It is when you don’t fall asleep until 3am. Anyways, I got up and went to my 9am meeting with my research group, the fine boys and girls of the Industrial Automation Laboratory.

At 10:30am I went back home and briefly thought about napping, but didn’t feel tired enough. I did some random surfing until about 11:20am and headed off to my one class of the day. Today we had a workshop on shooting video. The guy that runs the Imager lab at Com Sci showed us how to use all the video equipment. The class I’m taking is requiring us to videotape users for our projects. As I sat there listening to this guy describe all the digital video equipment, I thought, “I wonder how all of this could be used to film porn?”

Anyways, after the class I met with my group members to about our project. Turns out were really far behind, and we basically left it at that. Ha ha ha…

I again come back to SJC and I make lunch. After that’s done, I head downtown. Usually, I have one more class on Tuesday, but the prof is chairing this IEEE conference on intelligent control. He cancelled the class today, but said we should all come down to take in some presentations. He didn’t explicitly say we had to come, but I kinda felt like he was going frown upon us if we didn’t. I played it safe and decided I should go. However, I was going to be damn sure he saw me there. That’s what they call face-time baby!

So, I left campus around 1:30pm. I totally fell asleep on the bus. I was doing that head snapping thing. Anyways, the hotel the conference was at was way the hell down the West End, near Denman and Davie. Before I walked down there, I stopped off at Banana Republic to exchange a shirt. When I finally got there, the conference was almost over for the day. They had one final set of presentations. I saw a few of the guys from my class there.

One of the presentation tracks left was on mobile robots. That sounded interesting enough, so I headed off to the right conference room. I sat down and there were many seats left. Then, to my surprise, my prof poked his head in and we made eye contact. Yes! Face-time acheived!

A few minutes later, I had a brush with greatness. Dr. Lotfi Zadeh sat down in my row, just across the aisle from me. Who the hell is Lotfi Zadeh you must be saying. Dr. Zadeh is regarded as the father of fuzzy logic. He is the man who imbued a new form of intelligence into machines and devices. The way rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, bread makers, braking systems, etc. all work has been influenced by Dr. Zadeh. If your bread is fresh, your rice is just right, and your floors are clean, it might just be because of his work.

Sure, it’s not like meeting Steven Spielberg, but for control geeks, it’s pretty cool. So, the presentations start and I listen for about 10 minutes. I look over to Dr. Zadeh. He has fallen asleep. Even the man who has left an indellible mark in the world of intelligent control is not exempt from a dark room, some toasty temperatures, and some boring Powerpoint slides.

Dr. Zadeh woke up and left about five minutes later. I only stayed for one additional presentation and then left. It took me an hour to get home and it was about 5:30pm by then. At 6:15pm I had dinner and then left to meet with another group for an assignment. I spent about an hour at Gage Towers. I will say one thing, the chicks at Gage are hot… lol.

I got home around 8:30pm and did some other crap, and next thing I know, it’s 11pm. And, I have more work to do. Long day indeed.

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