The beginning of school can be hectic. I did a lot of running around again today. I had a class and a seminar, but together, they only lasted an hour and a half.

After that, I came home, had a shower, and ate lunch. That’s when the fun started. I then went to see a CS prof about her class. Next, I decided to buy a textbook I needed, so I trekked across campus to the bookstore. Once in the bookstore, I saw my textbook was listed as costing $183.00!!! This book was tiny. Nearly $200 for a single text, what a rip off! I don’t think I’ve seen a textbook costing so much before. Balking at the price, I went and bought some dividers for my binders. I paid at the computer section thus, bypassing the clueless newbies at the front of the store.

I decided next to see if the used bookstore at the village had my book. So off I trekked to the village. One sweaty walk later, I arrived to the used bookstore only to find they didn’t have my book. The library I decided might have the book, so I took the considerable walk from the village to the library. At the library, I used a terminal to find out that the book was out and wouldn’t be back for three days. Bummer. I put in a request for it, but I still had to wait three days.

Ah, the Civil/Mechanical Reading Room might have the book I thought. From the library, I took the long walk back to Civil/Mechanical to check out the reading room. There, I found out that the Reading Room did not have my text.

Being fed up, I knew it was time for pizza. So, I took another walk, from CEME to the Sub and bought a slice of pepperoni pizza from Pie’RSquared. And then I went home.

At home, I checked out and found that my textbook was being offered for half the price the bookstore was selling it for! What a total scam by the UBC Bookstore! So, I ordered it online and it’ll be here in a few days.

If only I knew beforehand, I wouldn’t have had to walk what felt like a marathon today!

Oh and another thing, have I told you how hot some of the women are here at UBC? 😉

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