If you’re like me, and let’s hope you’re not for your sake, you’re eagerly awaiting the DVD release of Episode II : Attack of the Clones. I am counting the days till November 12th.

Sure, you could start looking for a copy of the disc one leak, but why not wait two months for the real thing?

In the meantime, you can take a look at the Episode II DVD trailer. I snagged it off the dvd.ign.com site. It’s pretty slow with so many people getting the file. I decided to put it on my server. Right-click here and choose Save As (.asf / 8.9 Mb). You’ll need to have Windows Media Player to play the file. One other note, if you’re using Media Player 9, the file will screw up at the end. Use an earlier version of MP to see the really cool parts near the end. Enjoy!

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