So, sometime between 12am and 12:30am my internet connection crapped out. Everything stopped. I couldn’t do anything. About fifteen minutes later, I reboot and everything is fine.

An hour later or so, I get this e-mail on the St. John’s mailing list. One of the residents is looking for a specific port owner on the St. John’s network. In his e-mail he states that one particular port caused the gateway to shut down to due to a massive amount http requests from that port. Furthermore, he said that most of the requests were going to web sites that were unavailable. His message was a warning to that particular port owner that something might be wrong with their system.

I read that e-mail and forgot all about it. Twenty minutes later, it clicked in my head… wait a minute, how the hell did that guy know about the traffic over the network? How did he know what sites that port owner was trying to visit? Did he have access to network stats or something?

Geez, with all that porn I’ve been looking at, my log of sites visited must probably make me look like a real sick individual!

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