You know gossip can be a potentially dangerous thing. A few months ago, I attended my ten year high school reunion. While I was there, I talked to this one girl. We were mentioning names to see if anyone knew what had happened to them. I mentioned the name of one particular fellow who I went to school with. The girl I was talking to said, “Did you know he’s gay? Someone told me that!”

I was completely surprised because he showed no signs of being gay when I went to school with this fellow. I guess there aren’t any telltale signs of being gay, but sometimes you can see it coming. Anyways, this girl didn’t directly give me any evidence of my former classmate being gay, so I took it with a grain of salt.

Anyways, tonight, for some strange reason, I put my former classmate’s name into google.ca. Only two hits came up. One was for a page related to a sports team. The other hit? It was for a gay sports league!

Now this would seem to add evidence to the rumour my former classmate is in fact gay. However, his name isn’t exactly unique. So, who’s to say this is in fact, the same guy I went to high school with? Well, it could be. Also, it’s really interesting that both hits register on pages originating from the Lower Mainland. What if someone else had put his name into google.ca and then just decided, yep, that must be him. What if that’s how the rumour started?

Anyways, he’s probably gay. Or not. Who knows? I need water.

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