On Friday night, I went to Denny’s (hey, what else is open at 11:30pm in Coquitlam?) to meet with my friend Trevor before he left for his trip to South Africa.

I made the mistake of going to Denny’s while I was extremely hungry. I will admit Denny’s food isn’t the greatest, but when you’re hungry everything on that menu looks really appetizing. They had this new Big Texas BBQ Burger that I had never seen before. It was basically a chicken burger but in the burger was a mound of onion rings, cheddar cheese, and slices of bacon. All that with a side of fries. This particular menu item was the definition of dietary excess, yet it was calling to me. Also calling to me was the Country Fried Steak. Here we have two ground beef steaks, deep fried with a crispy coating, and then smothered in country gravy.

Somehow, restraint took over and I managed to order a Two Egg Breakfast, which consisted of all things, two eggs (scrambled), two sausage links, two pieces of bacon, a large mat of hash browns, and some toast. I ate that pretty quickly and here’s where the stupidity took over. Knowing full well that the human body can take as much as 20 minutes before it knows it’s full, I decided I wanted two more scrambled eggs. There’s something about the way Denny’s makes their eggs. I swear they must melt butter on them because they smell so good when they’re done.

Well, my two additional eggs came, and sadly they were slightly overcooked to my liking. After I ate those, I was beginning to feel quite a bit full. Ignoring the obvious signs, I began looking at the dessert menu. After Trevor, decided he was going to get a slice of pie, I too decided to take the plunge and ordered a Coke float.

I nearly finished the Coke float before the rest of my body began to overrule the impulse to consume mass quantities of food.

After wishing Trevor a good time on his trip, I somehow made it back home. For the next few hours, I just sat around waiting for the bloated feeling to go away.

The next time I go to Denny’s while hungry, I will attempt to show more restraint.

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