So last night, I’m tired but I’m also wide awake since I drank a whole can of Vanilla Coke, leaving me in this odd mental state. I know I should be asleep, but I don’t feel like it.

Anyways, I’m meandering around the Internet, and somehow, I wind up at one of these domain registration web pages. On a whim, I try and see if a few domain names are available. Most of the ones I tried were already taken, but then I notice is free. Hmmm…. I wonder… The registration is quite cheap, about the cost of a DVD, but the other services are quite costly. You can register for just a couple bucks, but it just sits there. To do some with your domain, you have buy the other services which is when the costs really start mounting.

I almost gave up, but I started looking at other domain registration sites. I found one that offered free domain redirection and e-mail forwarding. That’s a savings of about $50 USD compared to other sites. So, at around 3am in the morning I registered for

I can tell you, registration is a lot faster these days. Only two years ago, it took me days to get the keys to A mere hours after I registered for everything was up and running.

Go ahead, try visiting You can also try e-mailing me at

I really didn’t need this domain, but it’s kinda cool to have a Canadian presence now!

Ok, I promise no more impulse buys for the rest of the summer.

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