I can’t seem to get these things out of my mind. I’m totally geeking out on this. It’s an elegant weapon with a blade of pure energy. It makes a cool humming noise when it’s on. It makes an even cooler noise when you swing it. It can deflect blaster bolts. It can cut through blast doors.

I’ve seen a lot of movies. I’ve seen a lot of movie fights. The best ever fights are lightsaber ones. Just take a look here. The flash of the blades, the voom sound as they cut through the air, and inherent deadliness of the weapon, it all makes for very good entertainment.

I had a meeting with my two supervising professors today. We were discussing possible projects that had haptic interface design ramifications. All I could think about was, “Can I make a lightsaber for my master’s degree?”.

Wow, I’m such a geek. 😉

Ok, someone has to tell me where to find one of these in the Lower Mainland.

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