Hmmm… I just thought of a great new idea for a post. It’ll take some time to get it ready, but I’m looking forward to it.

Anyways, tonight I decided I really need a new lamp for my room. Kristina and I went over to Lindsay’s room to watch the season premiere for Friends. I’ve lived here for three weeks, but I’ve never been in a girl’s room before. It was breathtaking. Firstly, the place was brightly lit. Stupidly, I was in there for 30 minutes but for the life of me, I cannot remember what was giving off so much light. Second, the place smelled much nicer than mine. Lindsay had scented candles arranged around the room. Not that my room stinks, I even have an air freshener, but her’s smelled better than mine. Though, she’s a girl, and by default any girl smells better than a guy. Thirdly, the place was much neater than mine. My place is a sty compared to hers. I have like empty beverage containers on my desk, my bed is unmade, and papers are everywhere. It’s a good thing no one comes into my room.

Another thing I noticed is that I’m not making efficient use of my time. I stopped working tonight at 11:30pm basically. It’s now about 1:30am. If I were totally efficient, I’d woulda crawled into bed around 12am, slept until 8am and then got up and continued to work. Instead, I watched Letterman, ate some left over pasta, took a shower, and made this post. However, a chap here by the name of Nicholas Clarke, told me an interesting thing. Nic is here studying history. He told me one day, one of his history profs said this to the class, “It’s all fine and dandy to be studying history, but remember we’re living in the present”. So yes, there’s more to life than just studying. Though how much more is something everyone needs to discover.

Tomorrow, a few of us are going to KFC for dinner. I’m excited. It’s been weeks since I’ve had fried chicken. Also, if I have time, I’m going to get my stiches removed. I’m going to try to resist the temptation of taking Friday night off. There’s a party scheduled for Saturday, so I don’t want to waste the whole weekend.

Ok, well I should be off to bed. This doesn’t mean that I’m actually going to bed right after I post this, but it’s an indication of what I should be doing, but probably won’t for at least half an hour. Bye.


I’m posting mainly just to see if this thing works anymore. Anyways, I felt like I actually got some work done tonight. Probably for the first time since I started school. Sure, I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted to, but it was better than wasting the entire night.

The good news is that I get to do more work tomorrow!


Due to a karate class, my lab group didn’t meet until 10pm tonight. We expected to be in the lab for an hour. It turned out to be 4 hours. We got our damn code to work though. Finally.

It was an interesting evening. Stupidly, I asked my three group members how old they were. Two of them were 21, and the other was 20. Then I told them I was 28. I asked them if I could call them my “kids”. They said only if they could call me “pops”. We all had a good laugh at that.

About an hour before we left the lab, Curtis and I went in search for a pop machine. We had to leave the building. We saw a few people being carried home from what we assumed to the Pit. Why is that when people are having fun, I have to be in a lab?

Anyways, we left around 2am. I’m lucky my first class isn’t until 3:30pm tomorrow. Though lately, I’ve been having trouble sleeping past 9am. It’s really a hassle since I have no trouble staying awake past 3am sometimes. Why can’t I sleep in?

This is a long post, but I’ll squeeze in one more thing. Many of you know I am a big proponent of widescreen format for movies. The starwars.com web site has posted a new feature on the widescreen vs. full screen debate. It tries to be neutral on the subject, but in the end, you clearly can tell they favour the widescreen format. Here’s a quote from the feature:

Full screen was the standard for years for videocassette editions and television broadcasts of feature films. As a result, most of the Star Wars generation that grew up with the saga on video in the early ’80s were very used to the cropped editions of the film. So much so that when the films were re-issued theatrically in 1997, many presumed new elements were added to the film that were in fact always there.

There are many comparisons between the fullscreen and widescreen presentations from Attack of the Clones. It’s visually quite compelling. Click here to take a look.


Hmmm… this thing still isn’t working right. Anyways, I had a long evening at the lab tonight. I met up with my three com sci buddies to hack out a group assignment we had.

We met at the lab at 7pm. We had a quick discussion of the code and then started to work. It’s amazing how much smoother things go when you talk about the code first.

About three hours later, we assembled our little pieces together and gathered around one machine. Ok, it didn’t compile at first, but five minutes later, we had an executable that ran.

This is when the problems started. While the code ran, it didn’t spit out the right output. Problems with logic are so much harder to solve than problems with syntax.

Two hours of debugging later, it was still screwed up. At midnight, we left the lab and agreed to work on it again the next day.

That’s when I went to the Village Country Style for a sandwich. Ever since I found out the Country Style was open 24/7, I’ve been looking forward to getting a late night snack from them. This was the first night.

I took home a tasty clubhouse sandwich. Their toaster was broken so I had to have untoasted bread. Bummer. Oh well, I was starving, so I didn’t care.

Man, that was like five hours tonight of just doing one assignment. Stuff that like that isn’t fun.


Well, I had to turn the post archiving off, but I can sucessfully post again. What an adventure it’s been to get all these backed up posts to publish. This is a sucky workaround, I hope Blogger gets their crap together.


Blogger appears to be suffering some long term difficulties right now. I publish my posts, but they don’t seem to be showing up right away. There’s been an error message that shows up after I post. This message has been there for days.

It just goes to show you, free stuff on the Internet can really be unreliable sometimes.


I have a poopy 10:30am class tomorrow. I hate getting up early like that. I should be in bed now.

I talked to my parents tonight. In one single phone conversation, they reminded me how glad I am that I don’t live with them anymore. Only my parents could turn one simple request into a huge production. I won’t go into the details but I fear for their safety as they are living without either myself or my sister again.

The good news is that I can confirm that my mom does not read my web site. I had a sneaking suspicion she did, but after posting pictures of my mangled thumb, she made no mention of it on the phone. If she only knew my medical experiences were being played out over the Internet.

Well, I’m off to masturbate sleep now.


Following doctor’s orders, I cleaned my wound today, and applied a new dressing. Before I wrapped it all up, I took a picture for posterity. It looks so cool, I can’t believe I actually have stitches!

I was told the name of the movie would not appear on the hotel bill