It rained today as I was going home from work. It was such an odd feeling having to get my umbrella out. I would say since the beginning of the year, most of the precipitation that has fallen has done so in the form of snow, rather than rain. Winters are usually rainy here in Vancouver but this winter seems different. Snow has fallen frequently instead of the rain.

The clocks changed again on the weekend and it snowed in some part of the city today. I can’t remember the last time we had snow after the time change in March. Will this be the last snow of the winter? It should be but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t.


I’ve been having a simple sandwich and a small salad for lunch pretty much every single work day since January. Yesterday, I decided to change it up and I got a cheeseburger and tots for lunch instead. It was alright, not even that greasy, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

The burger and tots made me feel kinda bleh almost immediately. I felt more tired than usual in the afternoon and the meal just sat there in my stomach longer than usual. If there was one benefit of changing it up, it was that I didn’t feel hungry at all in afternoon. I normally have a small snack around 3pm or 4pm but this was not required.

Based on how the burger and tots made me feel, I decided to go back to the sandwich and salad lunch for today. I felt much better afterwards. There are some benefits to eating the same thing everyday, though there can also be pitfalls if you’re not careful.


I went to sleep earlier than normal last night but despite getting more sleep, I felt more exhausted today. I’m gonna try to get to bed early again tonight and see what happens tomorrow morning. Getting more sleep can’t be all bad, right?


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I used to have a meeting scheduled right at the beginning of my work day in the morning. It used to be that I’d have to leave my place a bit earlier on those days, just to be sure I wasn’t late. Those meetings were canceled today for the rest of the duration of my project. Yes!

I won’t feel like I need to rush to work now on those days. Life just got better.


Another year has passed and it’s time to do my taxes again. In the last few years I’ve received small refunds compared to say five to ten years ago when my refunds could be counted in thousands.

Is this also the year I decide to switch from using TurboTax to another cheaper tax return software? Maybe?


So I lost my phone briefly today while I was at work. I had gone to the washroom to take a poop. I put my phone on a metal ledge they have in all the individual stalls. It’s a convenient ledge to put things on while you do your business. I normally remember to grab my phone from the ledge once I’m done but I was really tired today and I guess I forgot. So, like a moron, I just left the stall without my phone.

I didn’t realize I didn’t have my phone for almost two hours after the fact. I was at my desk when I noticed it was missing. I tried using the “find my phone” feature but it hadn’t synced in two days and Google thought my phone was still at home. I was hoping that since it was lost at work and not in public that someone trusty-worthy had taken it to the security desk.

I hurried downstairs to the security desk in the lobby and I saw my phone even before I had a chance to tell the security people what had happened. I mentioned to them I lost my phone and it was sitting right there. They made me unlock the phone, which I did, and I was re-united with it.

This was the first time I’ve ever lost a phone for any amount of time and it’s an unsettling experience. Even though most of my data lives in the cloud, it still sucks to lose all of that. I gotta make sure this doesn’t happen again.