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I almost bought a laptop today. I know that just weeks previously, I wrote that I discovered I didn’t really need a laptop but I actually needed a new tablet instead. Since then, I did buy a really awesome tablet for a great price. It has been something I’ve been using frequently and has found purpose in my life. So, why did I almost buy a laptop today? It’s on sale and the deal is impressive.

This Dell laptop is marked down to $649 from $1079, a savings of $430. It has an Intel Core i5 8th generation CPU, 8Gb of RAM, 1 Tb HDD, is touch enabled, and a full HD 1080 display. It also has a 360 hinge, so you can display it in any angle you wish. All of this in a 13″ form factor. I’ve been doing my laptop research and this is an incredible deal.

Unfortunately, I have no real nor critical need for a new laptop. My current laptop is old and slow but it does work, eventually. I don’t use it much but is that because I find it so old and unusable? Would I use a laptop more if it were actually fast and reliable? Maybe I’m just manufacturing reasons to buy a new laptop. It’s such a great deal though!


In the last 48 hours I’ve received two interesting pieces of mail. Yesterday, I got a letter from one of my credit card providers stating they’ll be clawing back the cash back reward percentage from 1% to 0.5%. I don’t expect you to do the math but that will halve the amount of cash I get back from using that card.

Today, I opened my mailbox to find that my mortgage is going up because of the recent interest rate hike from the Bank of Canada. This was not unexpected as the rate hike happened a few weeks ago. It still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll be paying more per month to keep my home.

So, in short, I’ll be earning less and paying more. Isn’t that the case with the majority of the world now?


I’m about to go to bed and it’s 27 degrees Celsius in my bedroom. I gotta admit this weather has been great, even if it’s been a tad on the hot side but I wasn’t too disappointed to see the heat wave will end near the end of this week.


so pink

I went out for dinner with my parents this evening. When I arrived home, I saw this article of clothing on the ground in my parking garage. It was very easy to spot since it was pink and close to where the elevators are. It doesn’t look like a bra. It’s a swimsuit top of some sort. It seems like a “C” cup. The picture above makes it difficult to tell since there’s no reference for scale. I didn’t really think about picking it up since I have no real use for a swimsuit top. I wonder how it got there. Did it fall out of a bag? Or was someone wearing it and it just fell off suddenly?


I went to the post office today to pick up my mystery package. It turned out to be literally an empty box. I’m switching ISPs for my parents and Telus mailed me an empty box so that I can return their modem to them. What a disappointment.


I checked my mail this evening and I had a delivery notice from Canada Post in my mailbox. I’m not expecting a package, so I don’t know what it could be. I’m excited! I’ll pick it up before going to work tomorrow. I’ll report back with what it is.


There is a heat warning being issued by Environment Canada for the greater Vancouver area. Temperatures will be close to 30 degrees Celsius during the day for several straight days, into next Monday. Incredible!

It was 28 degrees in my bedroom earlier this evening. It’s down to 25 now, so I think I’ll be able to sleep. I’m glad I get to work inside an air-conditioned building.


I had the most busy weekend. This was mostly a wedding weekend. On Friday, I had dinner with friends of the bride and groom. My friend of over twenty years was the groom. It was nice to meet some of his other friends that live out of town. On Saturday, I went to the North Van quay to check out the sights and sounds, and to get some food. In the evening, I went to a co-worker’s BBQ. There were lots of work people there. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday, was the actual wedding, so there was lots of wedding stuff. I just got home about an hour ago. The weekend was fun and busy but I’m looking forward to relaxing more next weekend.


SIGGRAPH is coming to Vancouver once again in August. This is just the third time the main conference has been held outside of the U.S. and each time it’s been in Vancouver. I just registered for my free and ghetto “exhibits only” pass but that gets me into the convention centre and is my ticket to free swag. I can’t wait to go!