My dinner companion and I decided to try a new restaurant on Friday night and we kinda winged it because I did not make a reservation. We arrived around 7:30pm and saw that this relatively small restaurant had a few open tables. The sight of this had me relieved. Unfortunately, the hostess that greeted us told us that unless we had a reservation, they were booked all through until closing that night. What a bummer. It turns out they were booked all weekend by Wednesday earlier.

We left disappointed and just went up the block slightly to check out another restaurant. This alternate restaurant didn’t exactly excite me, so we decided to head back down in the other direction. When we were passing by the first place that we really wanted to go to, the hostess chased us down.

Apparently, a table of two who had reserved earlier could not prove they were vaccinated, so the restaurant had to decline their patronage and their spot opened up for us. We both were vaccinated and had our passports ready for scanning, so that table became ours.

What an amazing amount of luck that we were passing by again and that those two people decided to roll the dice and tried to get in without proof of vaccination. Their loss was certainly our gain because we wound up having a fantastic meal.

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