I returned home from Las Vegas late on Saturday night. I had a fantastic time and I stayed in one of the nicest hotels that I’ve been to in Las Vegas. The Palazzo was my home for four nights. It’s all-suite hotel and at 720 square feet, it rivaled the size of my own apartment. It gets a recommendation from me for sure.

I also saw two shows while I was there. It was my second time seeing Absinthe and it was almost entirely different this time around. I also saw Le Reve at the Wynn. It was my first water-based Las Vegas show and it was quite interesting. At one point, I saw a performer dive almost 100 feet into the pool inside the theatre.

Alas, my vacation is over and I must return to work tomorrow. What’s it like to wake up before 12pm again?


Hello! I’m in Las Vegas this week, so the blog posts maybe infrequent while I’m here. Today was my first day here and I’ve probably already exceeded my daily calorie budget. Who knew you could buy a $15 milkshake that has no alcohol?


I didn’t sleep very well this week, which has led to some tired days. I felt kinda lethargic today and didn’t get much done.

It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend though and I am looking forward to getting lots of rest.


When I was doing research on London before my trip there I stumbled upon a travel-based YouTube channel named Attaché. Hosted by a gentleman named Alex Hunter, they had a great video on how to get by in London as a visitor. I learned a lot of useful and basic stuff that came in really handy during my trip.

Since then, I’ve watched several more travel videos from Attaché, even for cities that I haven’t planned to visit. Their latest video features my hometown, Vancouver. It’s really cool to see Vancouver given the Attaché treatment. I think they really did their research because just about everything they mentioned was true.

Anyways, if you’ve a resident or have already visited Vancouver, give the video a watch. If you like Alex’s style, check out his other city guides.


When I stepped outside to leave work this evening I noticed there was a sharp bite to the air. I was wearing a light jacket but I felt actually cold outside for the first time this fall.

I checked the weather online to see how cold it was exactly. I’m not sure if I trusted the data but it said it was 10 degrees Celsius outside. It sure felt colder than that. The low tonight is supposed to be anywhere between three to five degrees. That’s getting down there.

I suppose that shouldn’t come as surprise to me. We’re into October now and it will be November soon. It’s time to bring out the heavier coats.


This sore throat I got last Tuesday has dragged on and morphed into a full-blown cold with runny nose and cough. I was leaking from the nose all weekend and my cough has been plaguing me since Friday.

I don’t feel terrible but at the same time, it’s a huge hassle having to wipe your nose and needing to cough every few minutes.

Well, it’s a good thing it’s Monday because that’s what every ailment needs, a rousing Monday morning and a return to work.