So as an employee of Electronic Arts, you have lots of information at your disposal. One of these information portals is a web site that employees use to track and enter in all their personal info. It contains things like your address, emergency contacts, past performance reviews, salary history, and basically just about every detail of your employment with the company. Last week when I logged into this site, I went into the compensation section and I was surprised to see I was making $3K a year more than what was in my final offer letter. Of course, I wasn’t going to run to my manager to correct such an egregious error. I simply left it as is and hoped that no one would notice.

Well, I checked it again today and my salary is now back to where it’s supposed to be, matching the salary in my offer letter. I’m not sure who noticed it or who fixed it but my joy was short-lived. Also, because no paycheque was given to me yet, there’s no money to give back. Oh well, for a while, I was making bank. Now, I’m just a scrub.

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