A few days ago I promised to write a letter to a friend. Instead of using modern communication via e-mail, Facebook, or instant message, I thought I’d do it the old fashioned way. I then realized I hadn’t sent a personal letter in many years, even a typed and printed one.

I was going to write the letter by hand in cursive. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote in proper cursive. In this day and age, we still print by hand but when was the last time you wrote flowing cursive? Do they even teach that in elementary school anymore? Call me a relic of the past but I think we should continue to teach children how to write by hand. It gives them a link to the past and gives them less reliance on a machine to do their writing. Also, should civilization end as we know it (by zombie or other means), people will still know how to document their brutal and meager existence without the use of fancy computers.

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