Holy crap am I tired. I had four hours of sleep last night with only a small twenty minute nap today. I worked until 6am getting this prototype done for a class project I’m working on. I had to meet my other two group members at 10:30am this morning to discuss our progress. One of my teammates was quite appreciative of my efforts. The other teammate? Not so much. Well, what can you do? Some people go through life with elegance and class, and those are the people we should associate with, not the others.

The meeting took way longer than I thought it would. By the time it ended, I have a few more little touchups to do here and there on my work. There was a break in the schedule that afforded me my short nap, otherwise, I’ve been working all day. I managed to be lively enough at dinner over at SJC but I’ve been slowly winding down since about 8pm.

The only reason I’m up now is that I’m waiting for some chicken to come out of the oven. It was vegetarian night over at the College and I was hungry almost immediately upon my return home.

Hey, did you know David Duchovny has a blog? Sure, it partly a promotional tool for his movie, but a blog is a blog. I still have a soft spot for old Mulder.

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