As many of you know, I’ve been trying to see how long I can without turning on my heat in my apartment. I came very close to turning on my heat this weekend.

The first enticement came on Saturday when a good friend of mine came over to my place to deliver some fried chicken. We wound up watching TV and playing video games. At one point, my friend mentioned he was feeling a bit cold. I got to turn on the heat but then he remembered my attempt to go heat-less. He then insisted that I keep the heat off and proceeded to put on his jacket instead.

Then on Sunday night, two out-of-town guests drove me home from dinner and they wanted to see my apartment. It felt a tad chilly when I let everyone in. They didn’t stay long but had they decided to stay just a bit longer I would have turned the heat on to make them more comfortable.

I think I may need to amend the rules and allow the heat to be on if I have visitors. That wouldn’t be giving up, would it?

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