I received a letter in the mail today from one of the banks I do business with. They were informing me they were about to cancel one of the credit cards I have with them. Apparently there was a security breach with a large payment processor based in the US. Heartland Payment Systems discovered some malicious software in their system and made the breach public in late January.

It’s not known if any of my credit card info was compromised. What is known is that somehow my card went through their systems in a legit transaction. It could have been something I ordered online but it’s my trip to Vegas that probably connected my card with a US payment processor.

I’ve looked at my statements and nothing has looked out of the ordinary. Every transaction has been mine. As a precaution, my bank will be issuing me a new card with new microchip-based security. I was scheduled to get this new fancy credit card a year from now but this breach has moved that timeline up. Interestingly, for retailers who have new terminals that support chipped cards, I will now be required to enter in a PIN to complete the credit card transaction, much like debit card. That’s another PIN to remember.

As far as I know, this is the closest I’ve come to someone trying to steal my identity.

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