If you’ve been following an earlier post, you know that I had planned for Friday night to be the time that I’d clear my name with Meghan/Megan, the Swiss Chalet server.

Prior to the 7pm meeting time with the boys at the Chalet, I had printed out a portion of my bank records to show Meghan/Megan that I had indeed paid for my meal. I arrive at the Chalet a few minutes after 7pm to find the Adam, Tyson, and Derm sitting at the bar portion of the restaurant. I thought we were going to sit in her section so I asked Adam what the deal was. Apparently, the restaurant was quite full so the bar was a quicker way to get a table. No problem.

After ordering our food, I brought out my bank statement and went up to the front of the restaurant. There were two hostesses awaiting me. I asked to see Meghan/Megan and they both kinda had puzzled looks on their faces. One of them said she wasn’t sure if she was working tonight but that she’d go in the back and check.

I was left with the other hostess who I gave an explanation as to why I wanted to see her. Shortly, the other lady came back and informed me that Meghan/Megan was indeed not working that evening. Bummer. She wasn’t even sure if she’d be in the next day.

I had to bring the statement back to our table where I informed the guys of the news. The truth will have to wait for another day. On the other hand, I had an excellent double leg dinner.

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