I’ve been thinking about how to do the last question on this assignment for over a day. It’s the last question of a really long assignment.

I’ve put some thought into, I have a few ideas, but it’s nothing concrete. In my early days, I’d probably be really bothered that I don’t know how to do it. As I grow older though, I’m able to see more of the big picture.

Did I put a reasonable enough effort into answering this question? Sure. Is it really worth my time to continue to bang my head against the wall, for one question out of many assignments during the term? No, of course not.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to say screw it, I’m running out of time and effort, and just put down what you think is the right answer. It may or may not be the right answer, but at this point there’s nothing more I can do about it. The damn thing is due tomorrow.

So, here’s to you question number five, I send thee to hell.

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