I have an “electric” toothbrush and I’ve owned it for several years now. Last week, for some reason, it’s intensity of vibration ramped up to a level that I have not experienced before. It got super loud and the vibration was very strong.

I checked the settings and nothing had changed. It was at nearly full battery but I’ve had the toothbrush at full battery before and it wasn’t this intense.

I’m really puzzled at why it got super-powered all of a sudden. I know that when you initially turn on the toothbrush out of the box, it vibrates at a lower intensity for the first ten cleanings or so, so you can get used to this type of toothbrush. That was years ago for me though. Did the firmware get installed incorrectly? Was I at the low intensity for first 1000 cleanings instead?

Another theory is that I’m using “generic” toothbrush heads for my toothbrush. The authentic ones cost like $20 each and they supposedly have a microchip embedded in them so the toothbrush can talk to it. The generic ones cost me like 20 for like $24, so it’s a way better deal. I’m pretty sure they don’t have the embedded microchip though. Could that be causing this spike in power?

At the end of the day, this increased cleaning power doesn’t make the tooth brushing process any less pleasant. I just deal with and get the job done but I do apply a bit less pressure on my teeth and gums.

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