So I’ve had my exercise bike for about two weeks now and I’m quite enjoying it. One of the cliches about buying exercise equipment is that you stop using it and it just gathers dust in some part of your home. I know it’s only been two weeks and not two months, but so far I’ve been doing some riding about four times a week now.

No one wants to use a piece of exercise equipment if it’s a hassle or unnecessarily uncomfortable, that just adds friction to the whole experience. For the most part, getting on the bike is easy. It takes like thirty seconds to set it up in front of my TV. Once I figured out how to make the seat not feel like a block of steel, it meant that I could be on the bike for prolonged periods of time without hurting my ass.

I did about thirty minutes on the bike today and I got a good sweat going. Someone told me they used to go to spin classes where they go for nearly an hour. I think I need to work up to that. I usually just put on a long-form YouTube video on my TV and watch it while I bike. It’s quite the good combo and time flies. The bike has a shelf for a phone or tablet, so I’m able to check my messages or use the phone as a timer.

We’ll see how much I’ll be on the bike once the summer arrives and the heat comes with it. I have a nice big box fan that I can point towards me, hopefully that will help.

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