I live within a five-minute walk of a Burger King. This BK has been there long before I moved to my apartment. Over the course of more than a decade, I’ve probably been there seven times. I love fast food but I think Burger King is just ok. There’s nothing wrong with it but I much prefer Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

A few weeks ago, I got some BK coupons in the mail. Normally when this happens, I just recycle them but this time around, I decided to keep them. Tonight, I didn’t have definitive plans for dinner and seeing these coupons on my kitchen counter, it felt like a good night to get some BK. Through the array of different choices of coupons, I saw a Whopper and poutine combo for $9. You know stuff costs a lot these days when that’s the coupon price. Nevertheless, that’s what I got.

I got the whole thing to go because I didn’t want to eat in that solitary and sad dining room. When I got home, the first thing I ate was the poutine. I was starving so this may have coloured my perception of the whole meal. The poutine was really good. They use actual cheese curds. The gravy was deceptively salty though. The Whopper was next and that was great too. The thing about a Whopper is that it’s never a dry burger. BK puts enough pickles, mayo, and all sorts of stuff to make it a saucy burger.

Overall, it was a great fast food meal. Thirty minutes after I ate it, I got so sleepy that I had to nap on the couch for almost an hour. I’m not sure I’d eat BK regularly but it certainly did the job tonight.

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