A few days after I dispatched the spider that wanted to eat my face, I found another spider (of similar size) in the top corner of my shower. I instantly made a decision that it couldn’t stay. It just wouldn’t be cool for me to be naked and exposed, and then have this spider above my head while I showered and washed my genitals. I’d always be afraid it’d want to drop down onto my naked body.

I turned on the shower and made the water go through my wand attachment. I tried to be gentle but I used a spray of water to dislodge the spider from the corner. It valiantly tried to hang on but the volume of water was too much and it fell into the tub. I washed it down the drain with copious amount of water.

As if that wasn’t enough, this afternoon, I saw a dead spider on one of my window sills. This was along the windows that get a lot of sun in the late afternoon. This spider must have chosen to hang out near the top of those windows and it got baked alive during the hot afternoon sun.

I don’t know why there are so many spiders in my apartment but I’m not liking it!

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