March is approaching quickly and for a lot of us in North America, that marks the month where we started working from home and where the pandemic began. There have been many times I’ve been thankful I’ve had this blog because it’s a record of what I was dealing with at the time. I’ve gone back to just a few of my posts and I remembered that just as we all transitioned to working from home, my main computer went haywire. It refused to boot into Windows and it would work maybe one out of one hundred attempts. I realized that I couldn’t shut my computer down, so I would just put it to sleep until the morning. It was frustrating to figure out how to get my computer stable enough so I could at least put it to sleep.

Having to deal with that plus the beginning of the pandemic was not that great. I tried many different things during a month or so of troubleshooting. I eventually had to install a new hard drive to fix everything. That was less than a year ago but it seems like ancient history now. I’m guessing that if we’re talking about March 2020 people will either think it seems like it was just yesterday or that it was a million years ago, there is no in between.

As we get into March, I’m going to read more of my posts from a year ago. It will be interesting to see how things have changed.

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