When dinner time rolled around this evening I looked in my fridge and realized I was out of any sort of meat and vegetables. I had nothing to make dinner from. My first though was to get groceries downstairs but then I thought it would be more enjoyable and easier to get some takeout. Then laziness took over. There’s a strong cold front happening in the province now, so it’s freezing outside. I really didn’t want to anywhere. So, I looked in my fridge. It was full of half-eaten bags and boxes of stuff. I really should eat some of this stuff before it becomes too old to consume.

I settled on finishing up a bag of frozen corn and some chicken nuggets in a box that I had opened and sampled once but left for a few months. I boiled the corn in a saucepan but for the nuggets, I brushed them with some oil and then air fried them.

You can’t really screw up frozen corn but the nuggets turned out really good, at least for frozen, months old nuggets. They were quite crisp, not especially juicy but not too dry.

I saved myself some money and effort by eating from my freezer. There are some corn dogs I need to get to next.

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