As some of you know, in past years, I’ve worked right up until the Christmas holidays. Most of employers shut down after Christmas Eve and we don’t come back until after the new year. It’s rare that Christmas Eve lands on a Friday, so there’s that odd short week where you kinda have to phone it in for a few days and then take off at lunch on Christmas Eve. A lot of people tend to just use their vacation days to start the break early. My thinking has been to save my vacation days and since lots of people are gone anyways, you can just pretty much do nothing for those days right before Christmas.

This year has been unlike any other in recent memory. I’ve also been working very hard since I started on my new team a few weeks ago. I also have lots of vacation saved up, close to six weeks now. As such, I’m gonna take four days of vacation during the week of Christmas. Christmas Day lands on a Friday this year. With that in mind, that means I only have three more weeks of work left in the year. After that, I get a full two weeks off before starting work again in 2021. Two weeks sounds nice but I can already tell it will fly by. On January 4, when I log back into my work computer again, I know I’ll be wondering if I should have taken a few more days off.

I hope everyone has the chance to take some time off at the end of December. I understand not everyone has that luxury but please do it if you can.

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