My employer has been very good with keeping employees safe and trying to give us everything we need during these difficult times. There has been no rush to return us to our work locations. I believe in some of our Asian locations, where the situation has stabilized, some employees have returned to our offices. The majority of employees, located in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, have been working from home since March.

Throughout the summer, we were told that there would be an update to our work from home situation in October. We were also told during the summer that the target for a smart return to our offices would be January of 2021. Well, it is now October and the company sent out the long-awaited update. Having consulted with health experts and analyzed public health data, they have decided that it is still too risky for employees to return to the offices in January of 2021. As such, we will continue to work from home at least until March of 2021. A re-assessment will be done in February.

This was the smart decision to make and it doesn’t come as a surprise to me. The situation hasn’t stabilized enough for people to come back to our offices. One of our largest development studios is located in Florida, for example. The situation there is wild and people pretend the virus doesn’t even exist anymore. I am glad I work for a company that takes this seriously and trusts the experts.

I am ok with another five or six months of working from home.

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