A few weeks ago I wrote how I was surprised at how the warm weather was sticking around as we approached Thanksgiving. That has now changed as you can feel the autumn weather has taken hold. The multi-day rains have begun. In particular, it rained quite heavily during parts of the long weekend. The thermometer in my apartment shows a four degree Celsius drop from the sunnier days in September. Outside, the lows now drop into the single digits. On Sunday, the low is supposed to be three degrees. That’s chilly for Vancouver in October.

It’s really not practical to wear shorts outside now. If I’m outside after the sun has gone down, I need to wear a jacket. I had to turn on the heat in my car on the weekend as well.

Of course, this is going to be an autumn like no other as the pandemic is still on-going here. I supposed it’s going to be more of the same, just with colder temperatures, worse weather, and less going outside. There’s also the fast approaching cold and flu season. Speaking of which, I’m getting a flu shot this year. My employer is offering it this year. I have to go into the studio to get it done. It’ll be all very controlled and the same protocols as when I went to pick up my personal items will be in place. That’s happening next month.

For those in the southern hemisphere, I envy you as the spring weather approaches and things get warmer. Trust me, the pandemic is slightly more bearable during the sunnier months.

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