It’s already Thursday this week. The week seems shorter due to the long weekend. It was quite hot out today but we’re about a month away from Thanksgiving. Hard to believe it’ll be turkey time in 30 days or so. Back in the present though, the government weather service had to warn residents that there’s a heat wave going on right now. I can’t remember the last time there was a warning about high temperatures in the month of September.

The highs will apparently still be in the 20s into next week. I am waiting for that one day where the weather will turn on a dime and it will be readily apparent that it’s now autumn. I’m guessing it might happen a week and half from now. One day it’ll be shorts weather and the next day the jackets will come out.

It’ll be tougher for people to eat while in the outdoor patios once the weather turns colder. I wonder how that will work. That will definitely lead to less business as we still can’t have restaurants at 100% capacity.

This autumn will be interesting for so many different reasons.

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