It rained a bit today which helped a bit with the massive amount of smoke in the area. It now looks like there’s just a “normal” amount of smoke out there instead of the crap-ton there was because of the distant wildfires plus the plumes of toxic smoke from the pier being on fire.

The hallway of my apartment doesn’t overwhelmingly smell of creosote anymore. They must have changed the ventilation a bit since air no longer is being forced into my apartment via the gaps in my front door. This caused me to tape close my door to prevent toxic air from seeping into my apartment.

It feels safe enough for me to open my windows just a bit more to get fresher air in. I’ve been using my air quality sensor to figure out if I’ve opened my windows too much. A spike in the amount of particulate matter means I’ve gone too far. It’s difficult to be precise however, since just a random shift of wind might cause air quality to drop.

The air is fresher in my apartment now but I definitely wouldn’t call it as fresh as walking in a grassy meadow in the countryside. There’s still a lingering staleness to everything. I can still feel it on my skin, like it coats it in a grimy mess.

I’ve been talking about it for days but I think I might actually go to my parent’s place tomorrow.

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