One of the highlights of my weekend was buying a t-bone steak with a discount of $6 off the original price of $13. A $7 t-bone steak is a pretty good deal these days. The discount came about because I bought it on the best before date. The steak looked great, was red-coloured all over, and didn’t have that shade of grey that meat gets when it starts to get old.

I feel like the t-bone as a cut of meat gets overlooked as a blue-collar choice of steak but I don’t think you can ever go wrong with it. It’s usually got that strip of fat on the long side, the tender part, and tends to be cut thin enough that it cooks easily, so that even novice chefs won’t screw it up.

I cooked the steak sous vide style using these new sous vide bags I got on Amazon. In previous years, I was relying on these re-usable silicone food grade bags for all my sous vide needs. I certainly got value out of them but I could never get a great vacuum seal using the water displacement method. Also, the silicone was thick, so it would take a bit longer for the food to get to the target temperature. These new bags are also re-usable but can form a true vacuum seal and are thin enough for the water to heat the food much quicker than using those silicone bags.

These new bags will allow me to cook irregularly shaped food easier, as the thinner bags will allow it to wrap around the food completely, without any air gaps. Before, it wasn’t easiest if I chose food that was shaped rectangular.

Well, I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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