Today is the last of August and according to my own personal almanac, it is the end of the summer. Nature seems to agree with me as the temperatures have dropped perceptibly in the last two or three days. I partially closed my living room window last night, which had been in the same open position since probably early June. I went for a walk this evening after dinner and I had to wear a jacket since it had rained earlier and it was quite cool. Yesterday was one of the coolest August days in the history of Vancouver weather. The temperatures will rebound later this week as they are forecasted to rise to the mid-20s again. This is the last bit of good weather we will probably have for the year.

It’s common to ask where did the summer go and lament that it went very quickly but I feel like this summer did not fly by but it did not drag on either. I think a lot of this was because that it was a summer lived during a pandemic. Every month offered new challenges and new developments both global and local. May was not like June, June was different than July, July and was a departure from August.

In this hemisphere, I think the summer brought some relief to those living in the pandemic. The exposure to more sun light, the better weather, and longer days probably helped people feel a bit better and made it somewhat easier to deal with the current state of the world. Autumn and winter are fast approaching now though. Shorter days, colder weather, and less sunlight will be the norm soon. I’m a little nervous about the cold and flu season but it seems like Australia’s went ok. I don’t know if it’ll be the same for this hemisphere.

Who’s ready for snow now?

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