In terms of the pandemic, I think it’s more dangerous now in this province than it was back in March and April, when all of this was new and we weren’t sure what was going on.

I don’t remember in the early spring reading about daily reports of businesses announcing virus exposures. Some of these businesses weren’t open even in the spring. Positive cases are rising again, people are going out into the public more, and frustratingly, there are people who are acting like nothing is wrong with the world right now.

There is a segment of this province who are more worried about enjoying the summer weather than the global pandemic that is gripping the world right now. While restaurants, airline flights, gyms, malls, theatres, beaches, parks, and lakes are open to the public once again, the risk appears to be much higher to the average person than before. I feel like I gotta reel in my expectations of what I can do safely again. Just because these places are open, it doesn’t me it’s entirely risk-free.

I probably would like to go back to buying groceries once a week. Limiting my time outside to essential activities like visiting my parents or getting exercise in a place away from people. There’s no reason to go to a bar, a mall, or a theatre.

We probably need to buckle down again as a province before the falls brings about a double-whammy of the flu and the virus.

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